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January 31, 2020


Broad scale Market Updates


Welcome to my end of month Broad scale Market Updates. At the end of every month, I review BTC/USD, SPX, and two trending equities.





Trend: Bullish

Support: 8972 and 8606

Resistance: 9774

State of mind: Buy dips at daily support

Trend would shift bearish if there is a daily close below 8210


Trend: Bullish 

Support: Daily 3261.60

Resistance: 3331

State of mind: Long dips at support

Trend shifts bearish if there is a daily low below 3233


Trend: Bullish with a loss of the daily uptrend

Support: 207.57

Resistance: 215

State of mind: Wait to see if price closes above 215 before buying

Daily trend shifts bearish if price closes below 204.55


Trend: Bullish

Support: 12.01 - 11.49

Resistance: 13 and 15.43

State of mind: Hold or buy dips on daily support

Daily trend shifts bearish with a daily close below 11.37

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