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February 28, 2020


Broad scale Market Updates


Welcome to my end of month Broadscale Market Updates. At the end of every month, I will review BTC/USD, SPX, and two trending equities.





Trend: Bearish

Support: 8458

Resistance: 8939.50

State of mind: Wait for price to break above $10,500 before trading. 

Trend shifts bullish if there is a daily close above $10,500


Bitcoin is in a choppy zone right now and will be undesirable to trade until it breaks out of the range. It is possible to see a medium term equilibrium pattern forming at this time as well. 


Trend: Raging Bear

Support: 2645

Resistance: 3023 and 3044

State of mind: Maintain a long position in bonds. (TLT)

Trend shifts bullish if there is a weekly close above 3050. (200 Daily Moving Average). 


Trend: Bearish

Support: $27.69

Resistance: $29.16

State of mind: Anticipating price to meet $29.16 At that point, price can reverse or continue to break down. 

Daily trend shifts bullish if there is a daily close above $30.70 (200 Daily Moving Average)


Trend: Bearish


Resistance: $167.78

State of mind: Purchase again if price tests and closes above the 200 Daily Moving Average. 

Daily trend shifts bullish with a daily close above $167.78

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