Gabrielle W

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August 7, 2020


What is an Edge?



All traders must find and develop an edge. An edge is something unique in your process that gives you an advantage in the market.



Examples of different kinds of edges:



- Ability to scan more effectively for oppurtunities.


- Patience to wait for the best set ups and to see the trade through. 


- Specialized industry knowledge. Most people are very educated or skilled in a certain sector. What is the industry you know the most about?  


- Better, faster, and more relevant access to data. 


- Excellence in chart analysis. Do you see trends most people do not notice or know how to spot?


- Expertise in your trading style. Become an expert in your trading plan until you know it by heart and can explain it easily to a five year old.  


- Excellence in risk management. There are many successful traders with low strike rates because they manage risk very well and have a deep understanding of probabilities and statistics. 


Find your edge and perfect it!  Also know that you can have more than one. 



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